Earn but no get degrees pro Tumbulasi


Zomba, University of Malawi (UNIMA) Chancellor College principal Prof Richard Tambulasi Monday said” students needed to use their time in college responsibly if they were to earn degrees of their dreams.

Prof, Tambulasi was speaking when he opened an orientation for first year under graduate and post Graduate students in Zomba.

You don’t get a degree but you earn it by taking care of your class work and time.

We need people here that don’t concentrate much on their studies. You need to work hard and behave.

Don’t indulge in dangerous activities. He was referring to drug and alcohol abuse and sexual immoralities. 

The orientation would run from 9th to 12 September, 2019 for 1600 students that have newly been enrolled to the college. 

Among others, the orientation would cover college rules and regulation, assessments criteria, academic registration, student loans, complaints and appeal.

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