East African countries restricts border crossing, Tanzania yet to do so


Tanzania neighbouring countries: Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda have already closed their borders as one of the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Tanzania is yet to close its borders, or otherwise restrict people arriving in the country coming from the countries which are reported to be affected by the disease. World Health Organization (WHO) recommended for restrictions of borders and international activities among affected countries by the outbreak.

However, most of the reported Covid-19 cases are imported. Therefore there has been concern about why Tanzania is reluctant to close its borders despite the coronavirus threats.

The leader of ACT-Wazalendo political party leader Zitto Kabwe called on the government to put more strict measures to curb the disease. The measures include prohibiting travelling in and out of the country.

“It’s also noble that people who travelled to countries hit by the threat in the past three weeks should come back for a check-up.

Recently, the Intelligence General Police (IGP) Simon Sirro was quoted by media saying that according to intelligence information in Tanzania, it does not require the closure of borders to travellers.

He also added that the relevant authority will continue assessing the situation and take appropriate decisions as and when necessary.

Kenya Airways will suspend regional flights as from Wednesday, March 26. Rwandan Air, Morocco Royal Air are among the countries that have suspended flights to China. Yesterday the Prime Minister Kassim Malajiwa addressed Tanzanians to adhere to already put measures as the formed committees continue to assess the situation critically.

Minister Kamwele said that all airports have set aside a special room from which people coming into the country will be quarantined before special investigation.


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