Election violence between political parties, an embarrassment for Malawi

Malawi Elections 2018
Malawi Elections 2018

Violence in Malawi in preparation for 2019 Election

Election May 21st.

Malawi is an independent country gained in 1964. Since then, it has been holding elections and 219 happens to be the year which tripartite elections will hold on the 21st of May.

The elections will be contested by different well known parties in the country. Some of these parties include Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), United Transformation Movement (UTM), Peoples Party (PP), Malawi Congress Party (MCP), and United Democratic Fund (UDF).

Since Malawi gained its independence in Malawi, the first elections were held in the year 1994 where Bakili Muluzi was elected as the president of Malawi. Then Late Bingu Mutharika was the ruling president of Malawi in the year 2004.

After that, elections were conducted again in the year 2014 were Professor Peter Arthur Mutharika of DPP started ruling the country up to date.
Now the country is about to hold another elections which is the tripartite elections and people are all eyes and ears to see who will be the next president.

But it has come to an observation by some citizens of Malawi that these upcoming tripartite elections will be of no peace because of what the parties are doing among themselves.

This has been raised out when violence rates among those parties that are not ruling but they are ready to compete on the 21st May like UTM, and MCP are high.

This is simply portraying that Malawians are selfish especially the ones called leaders because all these violence cases are from themselves due to jealousy among one another.

But will this kind of behaviour help the country? No! Once peace is failing to maintain peace during the campaign period, will peace be on the polling day? Very doubtful!

A good instance can be of Dr Boniface Kalindo, the Leader of youths in UTM party who was beaten up by people in his own district, Mulanje.
Kalindo explains that he was injured a lot in the head without any reason behind the violence and he pointed out beaters as DPP cadets.

Meanwhile, the violence is in progress where other two members of UTM and one from MCP have also been beaten badly this week in Mangochi and rumours still circulate that DPP cadets are in position of all these violence’s.

With all these cases, people are now losing interest in leaders whom they trust since there is no love among all the leaders that is why cases of violence are high.
 Peaceful elections will lead to peaceful Malawi.


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