Emmanuel Martin happy to stay in Premier league


Ruvu shooting’s own, Emmanuel Martin said among the things he wanted more is to see his team remains in the premier league for the next season.

Martin said its a good thing to leave the team in safe places because it add his value as the player especially in the transfer window period.

“There is no bad thing as leaving Yanga SC, where there is stiff competition for the title, so here they expected more from me, one is to help the team to remain in the premier league”

“I was thinking so much about this, its only by grace, Ruvu is still here, so it is up to the leaders to make good signings so next season the team have to be competitive,”

He further said, he saw a big difference between Yanga SC and Ruvu Shooting because Yanga’s objective is to win the title while Ruvu Shooting’s objective is to finish in mid table or higher than that.

“In Yanga Sc, players and Leaders are aiming for the title, and there is much pressure from both side and so the fans too, but Ruvu Shooting it is different, the objective was to finish in top spots, and if not, it’s to make sure we stay in the premier league for the next season regardless of where we stand in the leagues standings, and we attained that so we are thankful,” Said Emmanuel Martin, former Yanga SC striker, who is now playing for Ruvu Shootings.


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