Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt agree to resume Nile project


The Prime Ministers of Ethiopia and Sudan have come to an agreement to resume talks on the use of the Grand Renaissance Dam indicating ending tensions over the Nile waters.

In a video conference, Ethiopian Prime Minister with Sudan Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok agreed to have respective water ministers resume talks on the project. Sudan, being the sort-of go-between Egypt and Ethiopia who have wrangled over the $4.5 billion projects on the Blue Nile for almost a decade now, also depends on the river.

Sudan’s Premier assured his country’s readiness to consistently communicate with two counterparts to reach an agreement that would guarantee agreement between the three parties for the interest of the three.

The US government and World Bank facilitated negotiations that saw Ethiopia and Sudan reject a draft agreement fronted by Washington in February. However, Minister for Water, irrigation and energy in Ethiopia said on Wednesday that the construction of the Renaissance Dam in his country has reached 73 per cent.

The nation began the construction of the dam in the year 2011 on the Blue Nile (main tributary) aiming at generating electricity.  


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