FAM to develop women’s football


Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has on it’s cards plans to develop women’s football in the country and they want to employ a women’s football development officer to help with implementation of relevant aspects of the game are planning to start a women’s football national league in the country.

Women’s football has been driven by plans from FAM technical director John Kaputa which according to FAM general secretary Alfred Gunda there is need to take the game seriously in the country hence the coming in of the development officer for women’s football.

“The person has already been identified to take the role of women’s football development officer who should help us to develop the game in the country as it will be given total commitment. She will try to implement the plans put in place to take the sport to another level,” said Gunda.

The women’s football development officer is expected to be in office on 1 May 2020 with reports indicating that Memory Austin impressed FAM through the interviews they conducted and is set to take the job with the blessings of national women’s football chairman Suzgo Ngwira.

It’s a good development that FAM has thought of employing a development officer special for women’s football which should help the growth of the game in the country and we expect to work hand in hand with the development officer to take the game to another level,” Ngwira said.

Women’s football in the country does not have a national league and most competitive tournaments are played at regional level with only two teams from each of the three regions; Blantyre Zero and Ntopwa super queens in the south, DD Sunshine and Skippers fc in the central and Moyale sisters and Topik queens dominating the sport.

Malawi has in the past year managed to export two players of the sport in the Chawinga sisters, Tabitha and Temwa who play for Jing Su Suning and Wuhan fc respectively in China.

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