Fans are allowed in the Vodacom Premier League matches as Usual


The Ministry of Information, Sports and Traditions, General Secretary Doctor Hassan Abbas have announced the changes that will allow the fans to go to the grounds again.

Before the statement of May 31, 2020, early this May the government said only 20 football fans will be allowed to get into the ground, that is 10 fans each team. The decision was made for the purpose of combating the spread of Coronavirus.

In today’s press conference Doctor Abbas said, “The government allow the fans who want to go support their beloved clubs to do so as it was before Coronavirus. Also, other matches will be broadcasted live for those who are at home as it was done before but most importantly is to follow the guidance given by the Ministry of Health and taking precautions.

“In every stadium, the fans will go through body temperature testing, and for the big matches, only half of the expected fans will be allowed to be in the stands.

Doctor Abbas insisted that the government wants to see the fans happy but precautions are the most important thing to do in all the places and grounds.


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