Finance and planning ministry contributes to Tanzania’s economy


The deputy Minister for Finance and Planning Dr. Ashatu Kikaji yesterday 15th May 2019 gave out statistics of the businesses which were closed on July 2018-April 2019 to be 16,252 where 147,818 were opened.

Dr. Kijaji revealed this as she responded to the questions in the parliament during the analysis of the income and expenditures from the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment.

The scenario erupted after Besega member of parliament (CCM) Dr. Raphael Chegeni contribution to the debate saying that Dr. Kijaji had lied to the parliament about the statistics of the businesses to be closed.

Defending herself, she told the house during the proceedings that what she said is the truth and revealed that if the business premises were closed, they could not earn any income.

She further clarified that if businesses are closed, it means that the economy will somehow starve and Tanzania has never reached that stage.

“…citizens have understood President John Magufuli… the economy of our country is strong and steady. We are making it for the sake of the Tanzanian citizens,” she concluded.



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