Flood survivors refuse to vacate temporary camp


Mulanje. Flood survivors camping at Mulambe Primary School in Mulanje in the traditional Authority Nkanda, on Monday refused to leave the camp that is supposed to be used as a center for the Primary School final Examinations starting on Wednesday.

The Districts’ Education Manager, Enock Chumachawo, reported to the Civil Protection Committee that they refused to leave the classrooms students were to do a sitting plan arrangement in, ahead of the exams.

Following this, a team from the district council went to assess the situation and pleaded with the flood survivors who insisted on not leaving unless they receive some relief materials as their friends from other camps had received.

Mulanje Disaster Desk Officer, Keith Sayenda said the council has run short of some relief items but was quick to say that organizations like Plan Malawi and CARD have come in to bail the remaining victims out.

He said it is unfortunate that the victims are refusing to leave despite being provided with temporary shelters in the process of getting them fully recovered from the floods.

“We are in the process of making sure that every deserving person gets equal assistance however we were short of some items hence the delay, but they shall indeed get what they are supposed to get”, Sayenda explained.

Mana has however learnt that the areas ex-councilor Lydia Kathumba had promised to organize some relief items for the 95 victims at the camp through the district council which she has failed to honor causing the people to refuse being vacated of the school premises.


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