Fly Girls Malawi, aim to keep girls in school

Thumbs up Malawi
Thumbs up Malawi
By Franco Mwachande Jnr
Local Non Governmental Organization (NGO) called Flying Girls Malawi (FGM) has asked authorities in the country to take a leading role in promoting girl’s education so that they should finish their studies.

The call was sounded on Wednesday after the organisation conducted a motivation talk at Njamba Secondary school  in Brantyre  where among other things they introduced a reusable product which they call menstrual cup which girls uses during their messes.

The organisation’s youth coordinator Lydia Deborah Banda  said that they want to open the platform of lobbying those in authority so that they should should promote their project (menstrual cup) to girls education hence enabling them realising girls their dreams.”Actually, we want to advocate the girls on some of the menstruation issues like how they can manage their menstruation and build a strong relationship between the girls and teachers so that they can openly exchange ideas on menstruation issues easily.

“Since our organisation is a theatre organisation, we don’t only deal with arts but also human needs therefore, we saw it as a powerful project to keep girls in school during their messes this is because many girls and women world- wide fail to go to school almost a week or month because the products like pads cotton, tampons are too expensive, but with this menstrual cup it last for ten years and its environmental friendly,” said Banda.

So far, Flying girl project is in Germany, South Africa and Uganda so flying girls Malawi at Njamba students will be the first people to introduce this product in Malawi and they will get the cup for free.

Banda emphasised that due to introduction of the cup, the expectations are high that it will ease some of the challenges which many girls experience during their learning process and they expect every girl to have access to education and menstruation should not be a reason for them to miss their classes. “We are expecting that these girls will not miss their classes as before due to the fact that they were missing classes during their menstruation periods either due to lack of menstrual hygiene materials or proper information about their menses,” said Banda.

One of the beneficiaries, Grace Mkuluzado said the talk is an eye opener and she hailed the coming in of the menstrual cup saying that it has come in time as this will minimise the problems they experience like absenteeism.

In his part, one of the Njamba secondary school teachers, Louis Zulu hailed the initiative  as he said it will ease problems of absenteeism among girls.


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