Food prices


Due to the rising prices of maize, the National Food Reserve Authority – NFRA will release 3000 tonnes to the market soon.

The NFRA chief executive officer Milton Lupa says the decision to release the grain to the market is basically to stabilise prices to make them affordable to the majority of the people.

Prices of maize and other staple foods like rice, sorghum and beans have gone up sharply across the country recently making life tough for ordinary Tanzanians.

Wholesale prices of maize in several markets including in Dar es Salaam were pegged at between Sh47 000 and Sh60 000 per 100 kg bag last December. Since then the prices have gone up by about 30 per cent.

Several districts including Dodoma, Tabora, Singida, Mara and Shiyanga will receive maize allocations from the NFRA but Dar es Salaam will get its allocation from the Central Produce Board-CPD.

The NFRA says it has external commitments to supply maize like in Zimbabwe where it delivered 7000 tonnes of maize recently and will deliver a second consignment there soon.

The Tanzanian government says at least 25 000 tonnes of maize is needed to offset the national shortage up to March this year and another 35 000 tonnes up to May.


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