Food relief in Uganda


The government of Uganda has begun to give food relief to its citizens in the most affected areas since the ban of some economic activities amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

The government targets 1.5 million people noted to be in those identified areas of the country. A number of trucks loaded with maize flour, salt, beans, and maize were led by ministers to Bwaise villages in Uganda.  

Uganda has so far confirmed 48 coronavirus cases but no single death from the pandemic. The government has also assured all citizens in the concerned areas that they will be reached by the exercise of sharing the foodstuffs and people should not worry about that.

However, the government stated that the exercise will not cause any sort of gathering and so the task force team has begun passing through each household in an orderly manner.

“We shall reach all of you in your doorsteps, the elderly, sick and expectant women are more prioritized,” a government statement read.


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