Football fraternity mourn Mlatho Mponela owner


The body of 2019 TNM super league relegated side Mlatho Mponela football club owner Gracian Chikoma will be laid to rest on Monday 6 July at his home village in Mvera, Dowa after he was found dead on Friday in Lilongwe.

About 30 people went to Mponela on Friday to pick Chikoma and his friend Arnold Chifuwa who were accused of stealing their property who released Chifuwa only and later Chikomo was found dead.

Chikoma’s death comes at a time when there were ownership wrangles over the club between him and other people from Mponela but according to Mlatho Mponela football club team manager Blessings Makanjira his death has nothing to do with the wrangles.

“We are very shocked to lose him this way as he was found dead in Lilongwe but his death has nothing to do with the ownership wrangles that have been there,” he said.

Kanengo police spokesperson Esther Mkwanda confirmed they found a dead body along the Kaunda road which was later identified as Chikoma.

“We found a dead body along the Kaunda road on Friday 3 July which was later identified as Mr Chikoma and now investigations are underway to establish the cause of his death,” she said.

Gracious Chikoma had a hand in Mlatho Mponela’s promotion from the Central Region Football Association (CRFA) in 2018 which saw the club playing in the super league the following year.

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