Former President’s warning to the public on Dr Mengi’s death

Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete
Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete

Dar es Salaam. Former president of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Jakaya mrisho Kikwete released a statement earlier today advising everyone to refrain from assuming the cause of death of the late business man and media tycoon Dr. Reginald Mengi.

In his statement Dr. Jakaya Kikwete said that Mengi’s sibling and daughter were with him when he died in Dubai. So the most reasonable thing to do is to wait for their report on the matter.

The former president also advised the public to behave patiently and to take no note of the rumors that have been spread by various people about the cause of death of Dr. Mengi.

“…let’s wait for them to return with the report. They will tell us what exactly happened..”

The media tycoon passed on 2nd May 2019. Since then a number of leaders, celebrities and public figures have joined the family to give support and their condolences at the homestead of Dr. Reginald Mengi.

The celebrities include entrepreneurs Zena Yusuph (Shilole) from Tanzania and Zari Hassan from Uganda.

Since his death, Dr. Mengi’s book titled ‘I can, I must, I will’ which describes his struggle towards success has gained a fan base and more recognition in the country especially to the younger viewers and readers.




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