Foundation 4 Girls Leadership supports girls in leadership skills

Group of young children in Lilongwe Malawi
Group of young children in Lilongwe Malawi

By Monica Banda

In an effort to uncovering the unheard voices of a girl child, a local Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) called Foundation 4 Girls Leadership is implementing a project in Lilongwe district so that girls should voice out their concerns and improve their school retention rate through the Freedom Fund.

The organisation is mentoring girls with leadership skills and building their capacity to engage with their fellow adolescents on the issues that affect them and finding possible means to providing locally community led solutions.

Speaking on Monday after visiting girls at Mkwichi Secondary school in the area of Traditional Authority Chimutu, the organisation’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Memory Banda highlighted that if girls are voicing out their concerns and be the leaders it can be easy to deter their everyday problems.

Banda said through the project, girls are taught on how effectively they can promote change in their community by involving their peers and create a chain of change makers and how to take part in development activities in a form of giving back to their communities. At the same times, this project is encouraging volunteering as a big step of change.

“In our leadership sessions, the girl leaders who are also called Heroines in our programming; they are oriented
on what it means to be a Leader and what constitute leadership as a whole, they are also equipped with communication skills as well as advocacy skills to engage with key stakeholders at all levels of intervention.

This has motivated girl’s leaders to work towards progress in their work and they are an inspiration to the peers to the schools and where they come from in different areas, through their school clubs, a lot of other girls have equally benefited as they are engaged in youth talks discussions on different subjects that matters to the young people especially health talks,” said Banda.

Zohra Wadi, a form 3 student expressed gratitude for the visit as she said that the motivation talk itself was an eye opener.

“The talk itself will help me in capacity building sessions and increased my knowledge and understanding on we as young people can be the change our needs to see in our communities,” said 17-year-old journalism aspirant.

The school headmistress, Bertha Kananji Lupiya thanked the organisation for the visit as she explained that the project itself is unique in the sense that it centres on impacting leadership skills in young girls.

“For example, some young girls thinks that they cannot be leaders but this project is challenging such kind of thinking because girls can do everything and be able to reach their dream,” she said.

The organisation started early this year with an aim of raising young leaders, promoting, defending and advocating for their rights. They also brings girl leaders from all walks of life through networking with activists, organisations, and identifying critical injustices and act collectively to solve them.


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