Four children hospitalised for alleged food poisoning

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Police in mzuzu are investigating the matter in which a 60 years old Stain Linyama a father of four children is suspected to have poisoned his children through food.

Stain got divorced with his wife a year ago and has been living with his four children, it is alleged that on 28 august he brought home maize flour and relish as usual the children prepared supper for the family, situation changed when the children had finished eating the food they all started vomiting and opened bowels.

Surprisingly the father did not eat his food and also paid no attention to the condition of his children, this forced well wishers to take the children to the hospital and later reported the matter to the police

Meanwhile all the four children are admitted at Mzuzu central hospital where they are receiving treatment

Police has detained Linyama for interview, if evidence connects him he will appear in court to answer the case of maliciously administering poison with internt to harm

Stain Linyama hails from Kachilunda village T/A Mkumpha in Likoma district.

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