Funny South African traditions you must laugh at


1.Shoes aren’t really all that important on campus

Perhaps it’s some romantic attempt to be closer to ‘Mother Africa’ as it were, but for whatever reason many South African students feel comfortable navigating campus bare foot. So feel free to leave your footwear at home.

2. Catching a “taxi” isn’t the same as back home

Taxisare minibus vehicles operated by individuals with typically questionable roadside manners. While it’s certainly an experience to take a ride in a South African taxi, this is not for the faint of heart . Those sitting in front charged with the duty of collecting everyone’s fare (in coins) and then dispensing change.

3. “Traffic lights” are “robots” South African street

No, the next Transformers film is not being filmed in South Africa; we just like to refer to traffic lights as robots. Now that you’re prepared to study in South Africa, it’s time to choose a university. Grab a South African study visa and learn what “Igqirha lendlela nguqongqothwane Seleqabele gqithapha nguqongqothwane” really means.

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