Future tours bus driver fined for breaking Covid-19 rules


By Yankho Phiri

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Kasungu, Police in Kasungu have fined K100,000 to a Future tours bus driver for breaking Covid-19 government rules.

According to Kasungu Police  Publicist, Harry Namwaza, traffic officers who were conducting their duties at M1 road stopped the busy which was heading to Mzimba, where they realized that the bus had 30 more passengers than the initial capacity.

“Our traffic officers were on duty along the M1 Kasungu-Mzimba road where they stopped the bus which carried passengers beyond capacity which is contrary to Covid-19 regulations.

The driver was fined right at the spot under the Government Receipt number 7619850 and we, therefore, ordered the 30 extra passengers to board another bus,” said Namwaza.

However, the police in the district have urged all the drivers to adhere to all the regulations put in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus warning that anyone failing to comply will face the law.

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