Get to know Simba Sports Club 10 foreign players.


Tanzania football Federation regulations allows all the Tanzania premier league clubs to sign 10 foreign players only.

The regulations were changed in 2018/19 and Simba Sports Clubs has so far signed 10 players.

Premier league champions Simba Sports club have completed their super 10 foreign players for the next season.

  1. Sergio Pascal Wawa – Ivory Coast.
  2. Cloutus Chama – Zambia.
  3. Meddie Kagere – Rwanda.
  4. Fraga Vieira – Brazil.
  5. Walker Da Silva – Brazil.
  6. Santos da Silva – Brazil.
  7. Deo Kanda – DRC Congo.
  8. Sharaf Shiboub – Sudan.
  9. Zana Coulbary – Ivory Coast.
  10. Francis Kahata – Kenya.

These are the super 10 foreign players Simba Sports club have for next years tournaments.

With late signing of Francis Kahata from Gor Mahia, it rises the curiosity about the fate of Emmanuel Okwi.


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