Government concerned about the effects of climate change

Deputy Minister, Welani Chilenga(C) and Director of MET Nkhokwe(L) leading the parade during world meteorological day in Balaka
Deputy Minister, Welani Chilenga(C) and Director of MET Nkhokwe(L) leading the parade during world meteorological day in Balaka

The Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Welani Chilenga recently disclosed that government is fully concerned with effects of climate change.

He said this in Balaka when the country joined the world in commemorating the World Meteorological Day which took place at Balaka Stadium under the theme: The sun, the Earth and the Weather.

“As you are aware, government is very concerned with effects of climate change and of late government approved the climate change policy. In addition, cabinet has just approved the meteorological policy.

“In the meteorological policy, there are issues of coordinated efforts among stakeholders such as the Department of Meteorological Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Development and the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA).

“Government has made sure that there is a proper co-ordination among the said departments so that we contain diverse effects of climate change,” said Chilenga.

According to the Deputy Minister, Balaka was chosen to host the commemoration because it is one of the districts suffering because of effects of climate change.

Director of Meteorological Services, Jolam Nkhokwe urged the media to be part of them so that they work hand in hand in delivering messages to the local masses.

“We should move together so that we deliver the required messages to the masses as you know issues of weather and climate are crucial in saving lives and property.

“The theme of this year is so real to Malawi, ‘The Sun, Earth and the Weather’ you all know these components form the part of the central areas to do with climate change.

“When we talk of global warming it’s because of the sun. It is heating the earth and earth is transmitting heat to the atmosphere. Because of the heating, the climate is changed and the weather is confused as well,” he said.

According to Nkhokwe, the Department of Meteorological Services is challenged as it does not have enough experts across the districts which in turn affects them in delivering messages in time.

Speaking earlier, District Commissioner for Balaka, Ali Phiri said due to the diverse effects of climate change, his district has been affected with flooding, which has killed six people rendering thousands homeless.

Each year, on 23rd March, Malawi joins other nations in the  world in commemorating the entry into force of the convention on 23rd March, 1950, that established the world meteorological Organisation and the essential contributions that the meteorological agencies around the world make to the safety and minimization of loss of life and property.


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