Gwajima warns the alleged sex tape maker


Church man, Bishop Josephat Gwajima who is currently facing public criticism from the recent leaked sex tape containing intense bedroom activities has urged whoever edited the video to make it seem he transgressed against the church and his wife  to correct his wrong before he acts onto it himself.

The Bishop who was asked to report to the police soon after the sex tape circulate the web says the clip that has unfortunately been said to be of him, is in fact an edited video aimed to tarnish his reputation.

“Who would record a sex tape and spread it themselves?”  Bishop Gwajima

He went on to describe the video saying that the man in the video is very muscular and clearly he is not.

In the attempt to defend her husband, the Bishop’s wife also came forth declaring that the hate upon her husband is offensive and that she ‘knows’ her husband very well., and the man in the video is not her husband.

Gwajima held a press conference in order to address the matte, inviting all media houses in Dar es Salaam.

The press conference took place at Ufunuo na uzima, Ubungo from 11:00 AM.


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