Gwamba determined to inspire many, premiers ‘Unatha’ video

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Blantyre,  Gospel artist, Duncan Zgambo Popularly known as Gwamba says he is eyeing to be an idol to many through his music career and genre which most Malawians undermine.

Gwamba said this in a recent press briefing when he premiered his soon to be released video titled: ‘Unatha.’

The artist said Malawian singers lack direction and encouragement in the music career, particularly in his genre as a rapper.

“Most Malawians, especially parents associate rap with something that has no direction and cannot help their children grow in anyway,” he said.

“Rappers receive a lot of criticism such that many fall back in pursuing the genre. But I want to be an example the youth can look up by pursuing the career and become successful in the industry,” said Gwamba.

During the briefing, Gwamba also recognized the media, sayiAng they add value to the music industry.

“Without you playing my songs, criticising my career, the Gwamba Brand wouldn’t have existed and this is why I have taken my time to premier this video to you and express how thankful I am for your existence and the role you play,” he said.

‘Unatha’ video, which was shot by Malawian Director Sukez in South Africa talks about friends who always try to bring you down despite how much you try to change for the better.

“No matter what steps you decide to take for the betterment of your life, people will always be there to criticize or try to discourage you. 

“The song is, therefore, directing one into the right path while describing how they can also live a life as a Christian,” he added.

The artist will be launching his video on September 29, 2019 but it will be played next week on MTV Base and Channel O.

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