Gwambina Football Club is a work in progress


Gwambina Football Club as it is making it’s first-ever Vodacom Premier League debut this season 2020/21 and the head coach believes and labels the club as a work in progress and they will stand strong in the coming days.

Gwambina Football Club head coach Furgance Novatus admits that his side failed to score a single goal from their first three matches in the Vodacom Premier League, but he is happy that they can create chances.

“We are working hard to get things right on and off the pitch, we’re creating a lot of chances and we’re trying to convert them, as much as we can.

“If it is working out for us, then we go back to the drawing board and train again for the next challenge to come. Fortunately, we’re not playing bad, it is just results, and we’re working on it,” says Furgance Novatus.

He further responded to the question about their next Vodacom Premier League match against the defending champions, Simba Sports Club.

“When we qualified we knew that we’re coming to face strong sides like Simba Sports Club and others, so we’re prepared and we are going to play football and challenge the defending Champions Simba Sports Club,” says Gwambina Football Club head coach