Haji Manara calls for national support over club rivalry


Simba Sports Club Spokesman Haji S. Manara calls for national support against club rivalry. Haji Manara says he understands the rivalry between clubs in Tanzania and their fans too.

He writes on his Instagram account about the important of supporting one another in the CAF Competitions.

” It took us decades as the national to get a chance of having four clubs in CAF tournaments.

And Simba Sports Club did an amazing work for this to happen for us.

As the national we must perform well so we retain our four spots in CAF competitions.

It might be hard to understand me, I beg all Simba Sports Club fans to support Yanga Sports Club.

Let us be supportive with them and not avenge them for what they did last season.

If you can not support them, do not go, and if you go, better be silence than against them.

Do not forget that it is Azam football, KMC and us, together we can make this possible again next season.

Please understand me, as the nation, we can not be apart, it may cost us. If we want to laugh at them, we will laugh later but now let us put national interests first. Haji Manara”.

Azam Football Club, KMC Football Club, Yanga Sports and Simba Sports Club represent Tanzania in CAF competitions.


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