Haji Manara mocks Yanga Sports Club.


The defending champions Simba Sports Club spokesman Haji Sunday Manara has mocked Yanga Sports Club once again following their financial status.

Haji Sunday Manara says Simba Sports Club will win Vodacom Premier League ten times back to back if Azam Sports Club does not change because Yanga Sports Club is not their competitor anymore.

“I am confident for 100 per cent that Simba Sports Club will win the Premier League fives times and if Azam Football Club does not change then we win the Premier League ten times in a row. We are competing with the best Club like Azam Football Club now, Yanga Sports Club are not our competitors anymore.

“Big clubs use the bus for not more than 300 kilometres and unlike them, they travelled by bus from Dar Es Salaam to Shinyanga,” says Haji Manara basing on the situation of Yanga Sports Club to travel by bus from Dar Es Salaam to Shinyanga the trip of more than 300 kilometres.

He further explains that when they said they will surprise people on their transfer it did not mean that they will sign Yanga Sports Club players, but they will sign top African players to compete with big clubs in Africa.


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