Hands up for Chitipa United


Chitipa United football club is still knocking on the doors of well wishers to bail out the team from it’s financial problems as they have nowhere to get money to pay their players for the month of April.

Last month, the club also pleaded with Malawians to help with money amounting to K5.5 million to clear their 36 seater coaster which is stuck at Songwe boarder and according to general secretary of the club Martial Mwenechanya their hope lies in the hands of the community for the salaries of the players.

“As a community team, all our hope lies in the hands of people from Chitipa and all well wishers in the country to help us with money to pay salaries to our players for the month of April as we have no other way of sourcing revenue for the club,” he said.

Chitipa United survived relegation in the super league during it’s debut season in 2019. It has debts with it’s players as salaries for the month of March where players only received part of their agreed salaries.

The club is one of the many teams that play in the super league but does not have a well established financial sponsorship and depend on money from gate collections to sustain the daily activities of the club.


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