Hitimana admits that is not easy to beat Coastal Union


Namungo Football Club head coach, Hitimana Thierry admits that they will have a hard time to win at Mkwakwani Stadium in front of Coastal Union home fans.

Namungo Football Club will face Coastal Union on June 13th, 2020 in a second-round fixture of Vodacom Premier League, with the memories of losing the first match at Majaliwa Stadium.

Speaking to Saleh Jembe Media, Namungo Football Club head Coach Hitimana Thierry believes that the training had before the match will help his players to fight and win.

“It is not an easy task to compete with Coastal Union at their home group Mkwakwani Stadium, considering they beat us at home in the first leg.

“Plus we both been out of season for a while, and thus we might have a great and competitive game for fans.

Hitimana Thierry further said, “even though we had a couple of friendly matches before this game but that does not guarantee that we will be the best team as we think.

“For now we can do is to go out there, play and make sure we collect three points, that’s what we need as the club.”


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