Hitimana Thierry fails to extend his contract due to Covid-19


Namungo Football Club head coach Hitimana Thierry failed to extend his contract with his current club because he is on leave in Burundi.

Hitimana Thierry’s contract will end at the end of the season in June, thus Namungo Football Club wants to extend his contract before other teams sign a contract with him.

Namungo Football Club spokesman, Kindamba Namlia says if it was not for the disruption of Coronavirus and the suspension of the Vodacom Premier League, they could have done it earlier.

” It is true, coach Hitimanas’s contract comes to an end and we are ready to extend his contract, and have another contract with him. Unfortunately, the league is suspended and he is not in the country, and it delays the process, but we are going to sign a new contract with him soon.”

Hitimana Thierry had a great impact in the newly promoted team in the Vodacom Premier League, as they are having great Premier league debut.

In all 28 premier league fixtures, they collected 50 points and holds the fourth place in the league behind Yanga Sports Club and above Coastal Union at firth place.


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