Hitimana Thierry says nothing will stand in their way

TheAfrican Football
TheAfrican Football

Hitimana Thierry believes his club will win and have a great season end regardless of where they will play. Since Tanzania Football Federation announced that the rest of the Premier League season will be played at Dar Es Salaam only.

Vodacom Premier League season was suspended for almost two months since March 17, 2020 due to Coronavirus.

As he was speaking to media, Namungo Football Club head coach says, “For now it’s a case of emergency no one planned for this to happen, it has just happened. Namungo Football Club will fight until the season ends, we want to get good results and see how the season end for us.”

Hitimana Thierry had a great season debut with Namungo Football Club in the Vodacom Premier League and he still believes they can win more games and finish the season well.

Tanzania Football Federation has only allowed three major leagues to get going including First Division League, Azam Sports Federation Cup and Vodacom Premier.


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