Hitimana Thiery blames it on the bad luck


Namungo Football Club head coach, Hitimana Thiery blames it on the bad luck of their poor start in Vodacom Premier League this season and thus failing to get positive results they’re looking for.

In 2019/2020 season Namungo Football Club has lost only one match at Majaliwa Stadium against Coastal Union but in 2020/21 they have already lost two matches at Majaliwa Stadium.

They first lost at home against Polisi Tanzania by 1-0 and against Mwadui Football Club by 1-0 and ruins their home record from last season.

Thiery says it’s just bad luck for them to start the season on the wrong foot.

“You can not have good results all the season especially in Premier League life, for now, it is just bad luck that we can’t win and get good results.

We’re using this as a challenge to learn and prepare for the coming matches.”

“I know one wants good results even me, but sometimes with competitions, you have to accept that results are not the way you want them to be,” says Namungo Football Club head coach Hitimana Thiery.

Namungo Football Club at 9th place in the league standings will host Kagera Sugar at Majaliwa Stadium in their next Vodacom Premier League match.