“I wont spy on your strikers,” Azam FC head coach


Azam FC head Coach and Retired Major General, Abdul Mingange, said he will not spend time to spy on Simba SC strikers Emmanuel Okwi and Meddie Kagere. Azam will be at home welcoming Simba SC at Uhuru Stadium, Dar Es Salaam tomorrow on Monday.

Mingange said, he is preparing his squad to three points and that his player have no fear towards Simba SC and nor will he spy on them. Instead he will be working on his winning strategies.

“ If you plan on spying on them, you will loose by other players, so I wont spy them… I’ll guide my players to play as a team with the objective of getting three points”.

About the decision of leaving out his strikers, Obrey Chirwa and Donald Ngoma in their previous match against KMC, major Mingange said that they have more games pending and resting is well past due for them.

“There are more matches … we have other players so they will be included in other matches”.

Azam FC are the Mapinduzi Cup Champions till date. They currently have 68 points staying at third place with a 13 points differences with the league leaders Simba SC and behind Yanga SC who are in second place with 80 points.


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