Ibrahim Ajib finally got his Premier League title medal


Ibrahim Ajib Migomba got his first Vodacom Premier League medal after rejoining Simba Sports Club from Yanga Sports Club, and it becomes his second title at Simba Sports Club after winning FA title back in 2017.

Ibrahim Ajib Migomba left Simba Sports Club to Yanga Sports Club back in 2017/18 for two years and he couldn’t win any medal until he left at the start of the season 2019/20.

Ibrahim Ajib returned to Simba Sports Club, the club he served for seven years and managed to win his first Vodacom Premier League title says it’s an honor for him to win the title with his beloved club.

“I was left with honor and returned with honor to the club that raised me and my talent it is my dream to win the Vodacom Premier League and it became true here.

“As a younger player, I’m delighted to have this medal in my Football career, special thanks to the club and the fans for always being there for us and me, during this championship,” says Ibrahim Ajib


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