Ibrahim Ajib suspended from Simba Sports Club


Ibrahim Ajib has been suspended from Simba Sports Club first-team training for disciplinary actions. Ibrahim Ajib who rejoined Simba Sports Club from Yanga Sports Club has been struggling to get into Simba Sports Club starting eleven since he joined.

Ibrahim Ajib had a great away season at Yanga Sports Club before returning to Simba Sports Club, and he lost his spark as he only scored one goal and assisted four.

The source says, Simba Sports Club head coach Sven Vanderbroeck had to send him back home because he reported late at the clubs first day of training.

Simba Sports Club players were reporting for their training on May 27,2020. On their arrival all players went for the medical check up before starting the evening training at Mo Simba Arena.

Sven Vanderbroeck said that Ibrahim Ajib did not inform the staff that he was going to be late, and thus he decided to suspend him for a period that is not known.


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