Importance of advertising in business


Advertising is the process of delivering a message about ideas, goods and services through the media paid by an identified sponsor. The process involves attracting the public to a product or service of a business.

Marketing role
Advertisement markets the products/ services to the public through persuading, informing the entire public in the society. Definitely the audience comply with the terms and conditions of the company.

Education role
People learn and know about the new products and services or the improved services in the existing company, organization or institution.

Communication role
Products and services information is transmitted to the target audience. The advertisement is in the form of mass communication. It communicates information to the audience to buy a product or services from the advertiser.

Economic role
Advertising increases individual and national income, through the payment of the taxation by the particular media to the government and also the advertiser himself pays tax in every sale, hence increase in national income. It really increases profits to the advertiser.

Societal role
Advertisers inform consumers about different innovations and issues. So it helps in shaping consumers self-image. It obvious deal with social issues which are happening in the society. Most importantly, helps in increasing productivity and raises the standard of living.

For any business to succeed, there is a need to advertise since it’s known to the public and increase sales all year round. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the management in any organization to make proper arrangements for advertisement activities.


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