India Covid-19 cases surpass 200,000


India has confirmed cases surpassing 200,000 after the highest single-day record on Tuesday, 3 June, with 8,909 infections were reported by the government.

Schools have not yet reopened but students are undertaking some online and TV programs whilst at home. The television broadcast classes are offered to more than four million students, though not all can access the internet and TV.

The Tuesday’s protesters over the suicide of a teenager who killed herself due to lack of access to the internet and TV accused the government of not checking whether all students in the country had the means to attend the classes.

Most of the parts in the world have eased Covid-19 restrictions. Globally, more than 380,000 people have died, including more than 106,000 in the US. Furthermore, more than 2.7 million have recovered from the disease.

Another country with a lot of cases is Brazil that reported 1,262 deaths in a single day on Tuesday, 2 June.


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