Inspirational African proverbs

African Proverbs
African Proverbs
  1. When the threads unite, they can tie the lion.
  2. Your mother is the bodyguard of your father.
  3. Good actions are nourishment for youths, much more than words.
  4. Those who waste time only hurt themselves.
  5. You have to heal the wound before it ignores the medicine.
  6. You can’t jump a swamp before you reach it.
  7. You cannot lean on air.
  8. Work is good, as long as you don’t forget to live.
  9. Whoever stands in need of honey should not be afraid of bees.
  10. When water stays for long it stinks.
  11. When the cock craws the heart of a debtor skips a bit.
  12. When a monkey doesn’t get a banana, he eats chillies.
  13. When a cat wants to eat its own kitten it accuses them of smelling like rats.
  14. What the gods keep for the poor, no man can destroy.
  15. What grows quickly, dies quickly.
  16. You can’t become a teacher before your taught.
  17. You can learn a lot about someone by observing him when he is hungry.
  18. Without fingers, the hand would be a spoon.
  19. Who gets lost in the forest takes it out on who leads him back.
  20. Where the young know, is where they believe it’s raining.
  21. When you wake up in the morning you see the other person’s butt.
  22. When riding on top of an elephant do not assume there is no dew in the thicket.
  23. When all the water has gone, only the largest stones will remain on the riverbed.


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