Is Tanzania Premier League one of the best leagues in Africa!?


Among the finest national teams in 2019 African cup of Nation is Egypt who have won the tittle seven times. This year they host the tournament for the firth time. As African cup of Nation reaches it 32 season, Egypt have participated in 24 seasons.

This year’s tournaments is marking the first ever change for the numbers of teams to participate from 16 nations to 24 nations. 16 countries among them have the won golden medals once.

The best leagues in the world are measured by number of players they send in international tournaments.
Here is the list of the leagues in the world that provided more players than others

  1. South African premier league – 42 players
  2. Egypt premier league – 24 players
  3. English premier league – 22 players
  4. Tanzania premier league – 20 players
  5. France league one – 17 players

In addition to that, Tanzania Premier League is in the top three leagues that provided more players that play within the country and in the National team as well.

Here is the top three list of the leagues in Africa.

  1. South African Premier League – 17 players
  2. Tanzania Premier League – 14 players
  3. Angola Premier League – 13 players


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