“I’ve always wanted to raise a foster kid” – Madee

Group of young children in Lilongwe Malawi
Group of young children in Lilongwe Malawi

Elite and successful musician in Tanzania and owner of the Manzese Music label, Madee Ali expresses his parenting lifetime goal.

Madee spoke during an interview with Clouds FM while responding to a question involving his relationship with Janjaro.

“In my life, I’ve always had a dream that one day I’ll raise a kid. Then I met dogo Janja in Arusha. I was in the car, he was outside with his colleagues. He impressed me with his style of rap. I gave him an opportunity on stage, and he delivered.

“I wanted to took him to school but he insisted that music is what he wants ”

Madee Ali saw the talent in Dogo Janja. Janjaro is one of best young musicians in Tanzania, doing both rap and Afro pop.

Manzese Music label now has musicians Dogo Janja and Maarifa Big thinker.


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