Jabbar gets FA’s blessings


Football Association of Malawi (FAM) says nothing will interfere with the roles played by it’s first vice president Jabbar Alide, who is a lawyer by profession and has been appointed as one of the high court Judges.

On Monday, state president Professor Arthur Peter Muthalika appointed Jabbar Alide together with two other lawyers, Chimwemwe Kamowa and Texious Masoamphambe as high court judges which some quarters of society feel will make the FA’s first vice president fail to deliver as he has been given another big task ahead of him.

Responding to the critics, FAM general secretary Alfred Gunda has assured Malawians that nothing will make Mr Alide to deliver as the FA’s vice president as they have had such instances in the past and everything went on well.
“Jabbar Alide’s appointment as high court judge has come as he is a lawyer by profession and as FAM we see nothing that will make him fail to play his role effectively as the first vice president of the FA. Going by past experience, we once had justice Richard Banda who was also appointed as high court judge at a time he was FAM president but he managed both his positions well which is giving us hope that Mr Alide will do the same”, Gunda said.

The general secretary also said that the effectiveness of people working at the association should not focus much on Jabbar Alide only but everyone as most of the people at FAM do other jobs outside football.
“We need not to just focus on whether Mr Alide will perform his role better as FAM first vice president on top of his new appointment. This focus should be switched to most people holding different positions at the association who also do their professional jobs apart from working at the FA,” he said.


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