Jamal Mwambeleko unfolds why he returned to Vodacom Premier league


Former Mbao Football Club right back Jamal Mwambeleko unfolds why he decided to return to Tanzania and play again in the Vodacom Premier League after playing in Kenya for the half-season.

Jamal Mwambeleko joined Kenyan Commercial Bank Football Club and played for half a season, and terminates his contract to return to the Vodacom Premier League.

Jamal Mwambeleko joined Simba Sports Club in 2017/18 season after having a great season at Mbao Football Club. Then Simba Sports Club put him on a loan list, thus joined Kenyan Commercial Bank Football Club.

“Home is home, but I have returned to Tanzania to start my journey again and also Kenyan Premier League has lost its spark and quality.

“Ever since SportPesa terminated their sponsorship to the Premier League, it affected the league in a wide range, clubs were running out of funding. Unlike when we had SportPesa sponsorship the league were the very best, the competition was stiff but not now. So I’ve decided to return home and start my career adventure again,” said Jamal Mwambeleko.

Jamal Mwambeleko is now playing for the promising club in the Vodacom Premier League, Namungo Football Club.


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