Jay Stranger featured on A’chanz new single


By  Blessings Kapina

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Lilongwe, A Blantyre-based renowned Hip hop Gospel rapper A’chanza whose real name is Jameson Makande, recently dropped a massive single titled ‘Mwana John’

The single featuring Jay Stranger which is currently enjoying airplay was meant to preach the gospel to the youth after noticing that a lot of young people are shunning the message of Jesus Christ. 

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) in Lilongwe Wednesday, A’chanza said that there was a need to speak much on the concept so that after preaching the gospel they would come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and be saved.

“The message is simply telling every prodigal son out there that God has not forgotten them, if they can only abandon their sinful life and come back to God then He will make them live godly,’’ A’chanza said.

He said that the song was targeting the youth because he believes that when they are saved and equipped with the gospel then they are bound to change the world.

The Gospel rapper pointed out that, it was very vital for young people to turn away from their sins because God created them for His purpose which is serving Him as well as being the light to the whole world.

The song is talking about how someone who used to be spiritual has backslidden in the faith and He is no longer doing godly things therefore the artist is urging that particular person to come back to God.

‘’You might be lost in your faith and gone back to the world of sin but I want to assure you that God loves you and if you go back He will welcome you back just like the prodigal son,’’ he continued.

Part of the song, mwana John walira angokhalira kutsalira/ mu uzimu angotsatira uchimo wamukwatira za infa saganizira/ moyo wako ndi mpamba uyenera kuwu bandira/Baibulo suphanda malemba una bandira/ u gotta print your life better wakuthera toner/ you had a good life pano wangositha tona/ moyo wako wauzimu wazilala watha ika/Makala ena unyekeze nkhale wataika/ m’ma bar watha liquor kumwamba kwatalika/ but God is still with you he says come my son/ you are my living proof and you shine my sun/

He added that, the single is well balanced and those who are going to listen to it will appreciate the production and creativity as well as being blessed by the song.

The song produced by CIA at Incredible Sounds Studios is available for downloading on ww.mw-media.net.

Recently the artist released a single titled Manyazi featuring David Kalilani and Sir Creedy which enjoyed airplay in the country.

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