Joyce Kiria under fire in social media


Earlier this week Joyce Kiria presenter for the show ‘Wanawake Live’ aired at EATV, expressed her comments and concerns about the death of Philanthropist, the late Dr. Reginald Mengi, calling it a conspiracy.

Joyce took it to her Instagram to lash out her opinion on Dr. Mengi’s Death saying it was certainly not effortless and that someone’s hand is involved.


“It’s not possible, someone’s hand is involved! Which craft does exist…” Joyce Kiria

Her fans and viewers did not hold back the fact that she was paying less respect and being ‘immature and insensitive’ about the death of Dr. Mengi.

Some viewers on this post pointed out the odd fact that she attached a photo of what seemed to be her lunch saying, she mustn’t have done that and that it was irrelevant.

The roller coaster did not stop there. The prominent figure later took it to her Instagram to ask for tickets to fly to Kilimanjaro to bury the prominent media tycoon.


“Dear friends and relatives of the late Mengi,…… I don’t have much. Please Please(she repeated) any one who will be moved to help me and my team ‘Wanawake Live’ get plane tickets so I can go bury the late, I would so much be pleased….. I want to go see what will be at Machame, I heard what happened in Dar was just a trailer..”



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