JPM meets with the oppositions


One of the opposition leaders, veteran politician Seif Sharif Hamad said that his meeting with President John Magufuli in the state house was focused on the current political situation in Zanzibar.

The ACT- Wazalendo Chief advisor Seif Sharif, said that the political situation in Zanzibar has worsened in the past five years. He revealed to have had written letters to the head of state on several occasions requesting to meet him but it was on Wednesday when he ultimately received the president’s call asking him to go to the state house in Dar es Salaam.

Among the issues discussed with JPM is the Independent electoral commission, a key requirement in a democratic country. Concerning his relationship with the president of Zanzibar Dr Ali Mohammed Shein, said that he doesn’t recognize him at all because the 2015 elections were not transparent since he believes he was the winner.

“I am consistent that I do not recognize him because he is a de facto president, ” he said, adding that the constitutional reform process that was dismantled is a key towards achieving lasting solutions to some of these problems.

“We can revisit the draft constitution by Warioba team where the solution for our problem is because it is always relevant, ” Maalim Seif noted.

However, the president applauded the leaders for the quick response and whatever they discussed is for the interest of the entire nation hence promoting peace and development as one people.


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