Juma Makapu wants to face Simba Sports Club in semi-finals


Yanga Sports Club centre defender Juma Said Makapu admits that they all wish to face Simba Sports Club in the Azam Sports Federation Cup semi-finals. Yanga Sports Club will face Kagera Sugar in the quarter-finals and he strongly believes they will win their tie this time against Kagera Sugar.

On June 30, 2020, Yanga Sports Club will face Kagera Sugar in their quarter-finals tie, and whoever wins will face either Simba Sports Club or Azam Football Club.

Speaking to the media, Juma Makapu says they are looking to win against Kagera Sugar and praying for Simba Sports Club to win over Azam Football Club so that they can meet for the third time this season in all competitions.

“We are up against Kagera Sugar again, and we are strongly hoping to win this time and get into the semi-finals also we really wish that Simba Sports Club wins its tie against Azam Football Club.

“We are used to playing with them and win, they will not trouble us a bit, if we face them, our way into international competitions is wide open,” said Juma Makapu.

Simba Sports Club and Yanga Sports Club have met two times this season, and Yanga won one match and the other one they shared a point.


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