Jux open up for the first time about their break up with Vanessa


Bongo Flavor musician Juma Jux opens up about his break up with Vanessa Mdee during the interview at Clouds FM.

Jux and Vanessa spent almost five year in a relationship before breaking up earlier this year.

During his interview Jux says it was Vanessa’s idea to be apart and stick to music business and not lovers.

“ In relationship sometimes love fades away and you become normal, she says our relationship is astray and its better to breakup. I was hurt, I asked for reasons she gave me some reasons that I can not say them in public. But, She insist me to understand them and I did, I and move on”.

Vanessa after the break up, she unfollow all Jux’s close friends.

“ I do not know why she unfollow them, I do not think if that is okay. If it was that way to everyone that you break up with, you unfollow all his/he friends, it is worse. She needs to remember even her, when we starts to date, my friends were there for her always” Jux added.

“ I have no reason to stay single, I stayed single once for a long time, when we broke up with Vanessa. It was almost eight months, because I was the cause for the breaking up. I decided to publicize my relationship because she said we are done, so I moved on”.

Juma Jux explains why he expose his new girlfriend soon after breaking up. Vanessa is yet to expose her new boyfriend, although rumors have it she got herself new boyfriend.


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