Kagera Sugar is not a threat towards our target


Yanga Sports Club Head coach, Luc Eymael sent a positive message to his club, saying they should not be worried about Kagera Sugar because they are not a threat. Yanga Sports Club will face Kagera Sugar in the Azam Sports Federation Cup quarterfinals, and Yanga Sports Club is keen to win this title this season.

Luc Eymael says they’re ready to face Kagera Sugar and the previous results of them loosing by 3-0 will never happen this time because they need to win the Azam Sports Federation Cup.

“This trophy is our way to the International club competitions, and I’ve already made my plans of winning it. So I’m comfortably saying we’re going to win against Kagera Sugar this time.”

Despite all the confident statements from Yanga Sports Club Head coach Luc Eymael, Kagera Sugar head coach Mecky Maxime says, “I’m happy we meet again, we won the last time, and this time there is nothing stopping us, because we know how to play and win against them.”

Kagera Sugar against Yanga Sports Club clash of rivals will be featured on June 27 or 28 this year 2020.


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