Kagere admits it will be different playing without fans


The leading goal scorer in the Vodacom Premier League Meddie Kagere says it will be a different and strange atmosphere to play without their fans. For a while, Simba Sports Club has been among the top clubs with super fans in all their matches, which gave their players a good atmosphere.

Meddie Kagere admits they are used to seeing a lot of fans singing and motivating them to play and get results and now it will be a different atmosphere.

“First of all we will miss the fans the most, the fans have always been there for us in all our matches in large numbers. They cheer us up when we score, and when we are behind they push us to get ourselves in the game and win.

Unlike now we are going to play in empty stadiums, it feels so lonely and the atmosphere is going to be different. This is due to coronavirus and we can’t complain we will play for them.

Meddie Kagere says after staying out of competitive football something feels different physically.

“Most importantly is physical fitness and body being ready for the matches and competitions, we have been out for two months and so we will need to work hard. It might take two or three matches for the body to be ready like before.”


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