Kamuzu Stadium no longer COVID-19 hot spot


The Blantyre district health officials say the Kamuzu stadium is no longer a COVID-19 hot spot after it was disinfected against the virus.

The stadium was a threat to cause the spread of the coronavirus for everyone using the facility after it was used a quarantine centre in May 2020 for Malawians who returned from South Africa. Some of them tested positive for the virus.

According to Blantyre district health officer Dr Gift Kawalazila, people using the stadium can still get infected by the virus if they fail to follow all the precautionary measures put in place as they have tried to disinfect the facility.

“Together with our friends from the Blantyre city council and the stadium authority, we have managed to disinfect the stadium which is now safe to be used. The fact that the facility has been disinfected does not mean whoever uses it might not get the virus. If people do not follow all the measures that have been put in place to prevent the spreading the virus then they risk being infected,” he said.

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