Kamuzu stadium not ready for use

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The Blantyre district health office has warned people not to go close or enter the Kamuzu stadium as it needs to be disinfected against coronavirus before people start using the facility.

Last month, the stadium was used as a quarantine center for Malawians repatriated from South Africa and some of the people tested positive of coronavirus.

Acting Blantyre district health officer Dr Zaziwe said his office is doing everything possible to disinfect the historical Kamuzu stadium which is used by a number of people.

“The stadium needs to be disinfected first before people start using it after it was used as a quarantine center for our brothers and sisters who returned from South Africa where the pandemic has affected a lot of people. The virus stays for a maximum of 7 days on any surface but we don’t want to take any chances. So our appeal to everyone is not to get close or enter the stadium as of now until it is made safe for use,” he said.

Before being used as a quarantine center, the stadium was used by a number of super league players for their personal trainings as teams are not allowed to train together as a preventive measure against coronavirus.

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