Kamuzu stadium turned into quarantine center

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The country’s most historical Kamuzu stadium today, 26th of May 2020 was turned into a quarantine center for Malawians repatriated from South Africa to be monitored to see if they have coronavirus which has disappointed the sports fraternity.

Malawi government has brought back Malawians who were stuck in the rainbow nation of South Africa who arrived in the country by 12 buses which were directed to go to Kamuzu stadium to be monitored if they have the virus before they are allowed to go to their homes.

Soccer analyst Kimu Kamau has questioned the decision made by those in authority saying this might affect sports in the country as the facility was being used by different athletes and might cost a lot to be renovated.

“It’s worrisome that the government taskforce committee on Covid-19 decided to use Kamuzu stadium as a quarantine center for those that have been repatriated from South Africa as the stadium was being used by different athletes to keep themselves fit as most sporting activities were suspended due to coronavirus. This might also result in the Artificial turf being destroyed which might need a lot of money to be renovated,” he said.

Kamau further said they should have consulted all the involved stakeholders before coming up with the decision sighting an example of what happened in Mzuzu after Football Association of Malawi (FAM) gave out the Luwinga Technical center to be used as a quarantine center which the community did not agree hence doing demonstration.

“We would like to ask the government to engage the involved stakeholders before making a final decision on such kind of things as these things need mantainance in the future. So those who run football in the country and those who look after Kamuzu stadium should have been consulted,” said Kamau.

South Africa is one of the African countries which has been hit by coronavirus and has recorded more than 22,000 cases.


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